About Us

S5 Creations was established in year 2010 with the broad objective of providing selected business services both to the public sector as well as to the private sector. It is registered with the Provincial Registrar of Companies, Western Province as a Sole Proprietorship. The bankers are Commercial Bank and the Peoples Bank. Paid up capital is Rs. 2M Auditors are ......

The owner / proprietor and the Excecutive Chairperson of the Company is Mrs. Sama R Kelaniya, a retired senior public officer. She is a well experienced public officer and a member of Sri Lanka Administrative Service. Her long standing career in public administration, spanning over four decades commenced in 1977.

She held various positions at the district level as the Assistant Director, Textile Industries / Small Industries, Divisional Secretary and the Assistant Divisional Secretary. At the national level Mrs. Kelaniya held senior positions in the public service as the Senior Assistant Controller of the Department of Imports and Exports, Deputy Director of Treasury Services Department, Ministry of Finance and Planning and thereafter at the head of a Department level such as the Commissioner of the Department of Internal Trade, Senior Assistant Secretary (Information Technology) of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and Senior Assistant Secretary (Ports and Shipping)of the Ministry of Port Development Shipping and Aviation.

She attended a TCDC Training Course on Port Management for Development Countries in the month of June 2008 in Ningbo City in China, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by Ningbo Polytechnic. She represented the Ministry of Ports and Shipping on a "Familiarization Tour to Ports in Malaysia and Singapore" at a team tour organized by Sri Lanka Ports Authority. She has also functioned as the Sri Lanka representative at the seminar held in the year 2001 held in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, the regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Consumers International on "Asia Pacific Consultation for Doha - W T O Agreement" as the Commissioner of Internal Trade, Sri Lanka. She also participated in a 10 days "Training Programme for Senior Officials In Sri Lanka Administrative Service" held in Hydrabad, India in the year 2007, organized by the Presidential Secretariat.

In 1993 she successfully completed a three months international training programme on "Management Development for Women" at RIPA International in London, UK provided by the British Government. She also followed a 07 weeks training programme in Japan on "Public Administration Officers on Women's Affairs" organized by Women's and Young Workers Society, Tokyo, Japan in 1990.

She functioned as the Chairperson /a member of Cabinet appointed tender boards and Ministerial Tender boards and as the Chairperson of several Committees in the Ministry of Port and Aviation. She functioned as a lecturer of Management Training Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs.

A Special Degree holder in B Sc in Public Administration from the University of Sri Lanka Vidyodaya Cmpus, Nugegoda, Mrs. Kelaniya had extensive overseas training in the fields of Personal and Public Service Management, Internal Trade and Consumer Rights, Women's Affairs and Job Training . She has served on the Board of Directors of several Statutory Bodies.

In this process she was able to enrich her knowledge on the issues faced at the national and the regional level. Mrs. Kelaniya 's experience at the national level helped her to master the intricacies prevalent in the commercial sector and to obtain an understanding of the delicate issues involved. She had been able to built an array of contacts in the business sector and this knowledge and contacts has assisted S5CREATIONS to master the expertise needed by our prospective clients. In this process she has around her a number of ex-colleagues, all professionals in their own fields, helping her to provide an exemplary service as per the Company objectives.


To be the lamp providing the guiding light to all our valued clients in their journey.


To be the one stop shop bringing smiles to service seekers and clients in realizing their business aspirations.

How we started

When Ms Sama Kelaniya the Company's Managing Director was at zenith of her career holding topmost positions in commercial oriented Ministries, she frequently experienced the difficulties and hardships endured by business entities in the course of their functioning. She attributed this situation mostly to the inadequacy of professionally oriented catalysts capable of analyzing such difficult situations objectively and providing with instant solutions.

This is the birth of the concept of establishment of an entity to address such issues. It was not easy at the inception to operationalize this concept due to obvious reasons. However due to sheer determination and hard work of the Managing Director along with the support and encouragement of her ex-colleagues we were able to see the realization of this bold concept. We are now a fully pledged entity with experienced professionals and part-time consultants at work. We are now ready to provide you with optimum solutions to any complex solutions you face in your business.